CCE Member Company’s description

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Membership criteria

CCE‘s membership is available to individuals and to consulting firms as well as European companies, professionals and national associations working and offering solutions to the cosmetic industry.

Paid members must be located in one or more of the EU member nations and being engaged in the providing of services towards the cosmetics industries and their supplier industries in one or more European countries.

Members shall be invited to participate in the meetings of the General Assembly of the CCE with voting rights. They may also participate in any other activities of the Association. Eligibility shall be defined in accordance with the present Statutes.

Associate members are those operating in nations outside of the EU and engaged in providing services towards the cosmetics industries and their supplier industries.

CCE’s Board is empowered to define the activities to which the associate member will be invited to participate without voting and eligibility rights except in specific cases as defined by the Board. Admission as a member is subject to a decision of the Board. Members must also agree to support the mission, objectives and activities of CEE and comply with CCE’s Statutes.